Is the idea of Québec independence still relevant today?

Yes! Independence is more pressing than ever. It means greater control over decisions that affect us, directly. It means national sovereignty, which is on the lips of people all around the world. It means rejecting the imperial diktat.

On one hand, there are many important decisions that the Québec government is powerless to make as a province. For example, think of how the federal government is, now in December 2016, setting up conditions that Québec has to respect in order to benefit from transfer payments related to healthcare – even though health care is supposed to be primarily a provincial competence! Only as a sovereign country will Québec have full control over policies in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration and integration
  • Air, rail, maritime transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • and many more!

On the other hand, in an era of globalization, it is essential for Québec to become a sovereign country in order to have a seat at international organizations where far-reaching decisions are made and to participate in discussions about international treaties. We, the people of Québec, should have our voice heard !

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