Would an independent Québec be a rich country?

Yes! In 2014, L’institut de la statistique du Québec listed our nation to be the 27th most prosperous in the world according to gross domestic product. Things can only get better, as independence means savings, thus more money to spend in more efficient ways.

An independent Québec would have control of its own finances, as opposed to having Ottawa hold the purse strings. Québec as a province sends $53 billion dollars to Ottawa in taxes each year. Québec as a country would save over $4.1 billion every year after its independence, according to Maxime Duchesne’s 104-page book, Finances d’un Québec indépendant, published in May 2016. Right now, our taxes pay for things we don’t need or want, such as fighter jets or developing the Alberta oil sands. That money could be better invested here – in healthcare, education, job creation, and local businesses – for the real benefit of Quebecers.

Québec already has hefty savings tucked away under its mattress. We have almost $10 billion in the Fonds des générations. It will reach $22.6 billion by 2021. We also have the Caisse de dépôt et placement and Investissement Québec to stimulate our economy.

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