In this era of globalization, why would we be better off independent from Canada?

In an era of globalization, independence is more important than ever, so we can negotiate with other countries on an equal footing, nation to nation – not hidden behind Canada.

Québec has a voice clearly distinct from Canada’s when it comes to issues such as social programs, healthcare, peace, protection of the environment, and many more. Unfortunately, while we remain a province, that distinct voice cannot be heard at international organizations where far-reaching decisions are made, such as the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, and, of course, the United Nations General Assembly. It also has no impact on the ongoing discussions about international treaties, such as the Kyoto Accord, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements, like the one Canada recently signed with China. Under this FIPPA, China can oppose any laws passed in Canada that impede China’s ability to make profits on Canadian soil. This undermines Canada’s sovereignty, and Québec’s too, unless we become a sovereign country and say we want no part of agreements like this! Moreover, without independence, Québec’s reputation, internationally, is Canada’s reputation – which we certainly are not always happy about. For instance, even though Québec has a much greener economy than the rest of Canada does, the world does not fully know about that. In fact, what the world knows is that Canada, promoting exploitation of the oilsands and the construction of new pipelines, has been ranked as a lemon for its environmental record.

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