Response to Léger Poll about Young Anglophones and the Job Market

Following the Léger poll about young anglophone Quebecers who are considering leaving Québec due to frustrations about speaking French and difficulties integrating the job market, members of Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) are reacting with surprise and sympathy. First, we are surprised because at a time when 88% of anglophone Quebecers are supposedly bilingual, weContinue reading “Response to Léger Poll about Young Anglophones and the Job Market”

Proposed Bill 202 to Strengthen Language Laws

AQI President Jennifer Drouin defended proposed Bill 202 on the Breakfast Television panel discussion this morning. AQI is a pro-French group that supports Bill 101. The proposed Bill 202 is in keeping with the spirit of Bill 101, which has been progressively eroded and undermined by the Supreme Court of Canada since it was firstContinue reading “Proposed Bill 202 to Strengthen Language Laws”

50th Anniversary of “Vive le Québec libre!”

Several events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s famous declaration of “Vive le Québec libre!” took place across Québec on 24 July 2017. As part of a “moulin à paroles” (word windmill) ceremony organized by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal outside Montréal City Hall, AQI President Jennifer Drouin read a text written byContinue reading “50th Anniversary of “Vive le Québec libre!””

AQI on “La Route des 20” about Speaking French

AQI’s President Jennifer Drouin explained the importance of anglophones speaking French in order to understand Québec’s history and culture in an interview for Radio-Canada’s “La Route des 20.” Notably, Drouin read excerpts from Michèle Lalonde’s poem “Speak White.” The interview with Gabrielle Côté and Patrick Masbourian aired on June 24th, 2017 for the Fête nationale.Continue reading “AQI on “La Route des 20” about Speaking French”

AQI Marches for the Journée nationale des Patriotes

AQI participated in the march for the Journée nationale des Patriotes on 22 May 2017. Our new banner was front and center in photos of the press coverage of the event. The press coverage also noted that AQI President Jennifer Drouin addressed the crowd before the march and reminded everyone that anglophones have always beenContinue reading “AQI Marches for the Journée nationale des Patriotes”

English in the National Assembly

Following MNA Martin Coiteux’s decision to respond in French to a question asked in English at the National Assembly, the group Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) wishes to make the following statement in response to a statement issued by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN): French is the only official and common language of Québec.Continue reading “English in the National Assembly”

AQI Joins OUI Québec

AQI siège désormais comme organisation indépendantiste au sien du Conseil d’administration des OUI Québec, les Organisations Unies pour l’Indépendance, qui prônent la convergence des forces indépendantistes. Tous ensemble vers le pays! Click here to learn more OUI Québec and see the other members of its Conseil d’administration: Learn more about who OUI Québec areContinue reading “AQI Joins OUI Québec”

AQI Speaks to 80 Students at Dawson College

AQI spoke to 80 students today at Dawson College about “Bridging the Two Solitudes” as part of Social Science Week. Jennifer Drouin and Robin Philpot spoke about topics such as the environment, the economy, geopolitics, immigration, and language rights, while comedian François Parenteau gave a humorous monologue in English called “You are a Quebecer”.  TheContinue reading “AQI Speaks to 80 Students at Dawson College”

AQI Dares to Rethink the Role of Anglophones

AQI members were present this evening at a Dare to Rethink the PQ event intended especially for anglophones. Led by Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, the event at the Bishop and Bagg Pub in the Mile End district was focused on bridging the two solitudes and increasing dialogue between anglophones and francophones. Thanks PSPP for listening toContinue reading “AQI Dares to Rethink the Role of Anglophones”

AQI’s Cocktail Event a Huge Success!

AQI’s 5 à 8 cocktail last night at HELM Microbrasserie in the Mile End was a huge success! Le bar était plein à craquer avec près de 100 personnes sur place! Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing their support! Prof. Daniel Turp, President of l’Institut de recherche sur l’autodétermination des peuples et lesContinue reading “AQI’s Cocktail Event a Huge Success!”

AQI at the Dîner des Patriotes

AQI Spokesperson Jennifer Drouin spoke with Jean-Paul Perreault, nominated “Patriote de l’année”, at the traditional “Dîner des Patriotes” in Saint-Ours, earlier today. She honoured the memory of the Nelson brothers, Patriots who fought for independence. She reminded everyone that Québec independence is not only for francophones, but for all Québécois, no matter where they’re fromContinue reading “AQI at the Dîner des Patriotes”

AQI in Leadership Victory Speech

New Parti Québécois leader Jean-François Lisée mentioned AQI in his victory speech (starting at the 34:02 mark). Then he spoke to anglophone Quebecers “dans la langue de Shakespeare” for 3 minutes, urging them not to let the Liberal Party take their vote for “acquis / AQI”. As he said earlier in his speech, “il n’yContinue reading “AQI in Leadership Victory Speech”

The anglo-franco cultural divide is “just distinctly weird and not so good”

There was an interesting article by Brendan Kelly in the Montréal Gazette on the anglo-franco cultural divide “that’s just distinctly weird and not so good”. Kelly points out that “it is a little bizarre that my community hasn’t the slightest idea about what’s going on in the culture around them.” AQI’s mission statement includes theContinue reading “The anglo-franco cultural divide is “just distinctly weird and not so good””

Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) Announce the Creation of a New Group at Montreal Press Conference

(Montreal, 23 September 2016) At a press conference today, spokespersons Jennifer Drouin and Duncan Robertson announced the creation of Anglophones for Québec Independence or Anglophones pour un Québec Indépendant (AQI), a new sovereigntist organization. There has always been, and there always will be, anglophones who are part of the Québec independence movement,” said Jennifer Drouin.Continue reading “Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) Announce the Creation of a New Group at Montreal Press Conference”

Les Anglophones pour un Québec Indépendant (AQI) annoncent la création d’une nouvelle organisation à un point de presse à Montréal

(Montréal, le 23 septembre 2016) Lors d’un point de presse, Jennifer Drouin et Duncan Robertson ont annoncé la création d’Anglophones pour un Québec Indépendant ou Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI), une nouvelle organisation souverainiste. « Il y a toujours eu et il y aura toujours des anglophones dans le mouvement souverainiste québécois, a déclaré Jennifer Drouin. NousContinue reading “Les Anglophones pour un Québec Indépendant (AQI) annoncent la création d’une nouvelle organisation à un point de presse à Montréal”

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