50th Anniversary of “Vive le Québec libre!”

Several events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s famous declaration of “Vive le Québec libre!” took place across Québec on 24 July 2017.

As part of a “moulin à paroles” (word windmill) ceremony organized by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal outside Montréal City Hall, AQI President Jennifer Drouin read a text written by a citizen who was overcome with emotion while witnessing the general’s journey along Le Chemin du Roy.

Click the link below to watch the entire event.


Posted by Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal on Monday, July 24, 2017

Drouin’s reading begins at 1:12:10, but AQI encourages you to watch the whole ceremony! It was a moving evening filled with poetry and history not to be missed!

Earlier in the day, Drouin and Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste President Maxime Laporte were interviewed by CTV Montréal about what “Vive le Québec libre!” means for people today. Watch that clip at the following link. Make sure to click on the Montréal video clip, not the National one.

‘Vive le Quebec libre’, 50 years later

Drouin was also interviewed by Global News Montréal. Watch that clip at the link below.

Montreal City Hall opens balcony to public 50 years after de Gaulle speech

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