English in the National Assembly

Following MNA Martin Coiteux’s decision to respond in French to a question asked in English at the National Assembly, the group Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) wishes to make the following statement in response to a statement issued by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN):

French is the only official and common language of Québec. As such, French should be the only language of debate at the National Assembly, even though the Constitution of 1867 allows for the use of English within its walls. Anglo-Quebecers may prefer to be addressed in English on an individual basis by those representing them, but the vast majority of them are aware that the language of politics in Québec is French. They realize that it is essential to preserve the traditional use of French at the National Assembly in order to foster a strong Québec identity. The group Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) denounces any statement whose eventual aim is to enforce Trudeau-style institutional bilingualism in Québec.

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