Anglophones for Québec Independence (AQI) Announce the Creation of a New Group at Montreal Press Conference

(Montreal, 23 September 2016) At a press conference today, spokespersons Jennifer Drouin and Duncan Robertson announced the creation of Anglophones for Québec Independence or Anglophones pour un Québec Indépendant (AQI), a new sovereigntist organization.

There has always been, and there always will be, anglophones who are part of the Québec independence movement,” said Jennifer Drouin. “We know that a sizable number voted Yes in the 1980 and 1995 referendums, and we want anglophone sovereignists to know today that they are not alone.

Recalling the many English-speakers who, over the years, have been active sovereigntists, Professor Drouin added that AQI’s goal today is “to speak with a united voice in order to counteract the erroneous assumption that all anglophones are federalists by default.” Moreover, the group’s slogan is based on their name: “We are AQI for the OUI.” They want to make the point that those who speak English should not be taken as being “‘acquis’ for the NON.”

During the press conference, Jennifer Drouin announced the group’s mission statement and presented the action plan. AQI’s action plan includes establishing:

  • A Resource Centre providing information about the Québec independence movement
  • A Speakers’ Bureau to organize and coordinate public meetings and addresses in English-speaking venues such as colleges and universities
  • A Truth Squad to demystify inaccurate stories about Quebec and to answer insulting attacks, including the tired accusation that Quebecers are racist
  • A Media Watch to intervene in public debate with timely responses to current events.

AQI has a membership of some three dozen people. It has a website (, a Twitter account (@AnglosQCindepen), and a Facebook page (

Jennifer Drouin is an Associate Professor of English who specializes in Shakespeare. Her book, Shakespeare in Québec: Nation, Gender, and Adaptation, was published by University of Toronto Press in 2014. She holds a PhD in English Literature from McGill.

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